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Must-Have Arabic Songs for Belly Dancers


Do you want to add depth to your dance?

With our must-have list of Arabic songs translated to English, made especially for all Belly Dancers, you can add depth to your dance.

We kept in our mind the values Belly Dancers need, so you will find the translation as a subtitle with video, you will watch, enjoy and read the translation while the singer singing the song, line by line. How much fun is this?

Must have Arabic songs for bellydancers list:

  1. Risala Min Taht Almaa – Abdel-Halim Hafez
  2. Malaksh 7a2 Teloom 3alaya – Ali El Haggar
  3. Sa3a Be2orb El Habib – Farid El Atrache
  4. Taht El Shobak – Azez Osman
  5. Habeena – Farid El Atrache
  6. Yaritni Tir – Farid El Atrache
  7. Tamr Hennah – Fayza Ahmed
  8. Habibi Ya Einy – Maya Yazbek
  9. Han El Wed – Mohamed Abd El Wahab
  10. Ensa El Donya – Mohamed Abd El Wahab
  11. Ya Msafer Wahdek – Mohamed Abd El Wahab
  12. El 7elwa dayer shebakha – Moharam Fouad
  13. Men Meen Za3lana – Mohamed Salman
  14. Alf Leila We Leila – Oum Kalthoum
  15. Harremt Ahhibak – Warda

Add depth to your dance with our essential Golden Era classics! Save $12.82 now, don’t waste your time?

What’s included in my purchase?

After you make the purchase of any song you will get download link for the song you have purchased, it’s ZIP file, when you extract it you will get 2 folders and one PDF file.

  • Franco video and translation file.
  • English video and translation file.
  • Lyrics file.


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