About Us

We are Kazooza, a website offering you a new experience for Golden Era music and dance. Via video and subtitles, you’ll find Arabic to English translations of all your favorite Golden Era classics.

Our Story

It all started while I was sitting beside my wife and she asked me to translate the famous Egyptian song “Tamr Hennah” as favor for a friend. Naturally, I obliged since I am Egyptian and Arabic is my native language. After translating the song, we reviewed the text to ensure its clarity for English speakers.
This task got me thinking about how hard it is for Egyptian music lovers not to be able to fully understand musical context. Sure, there are translation websites out there, but none that convey the true feeling of the music. We need to help people capture the true essence of the song rather than basic lyrical understanding. Consequently, we want to help people become better dancers, performers and teachers.

Our Goal

Finding accurate and complete line-by-line translations/transliterations of Golden Era music can be difficult.
Kazooza aims to enrich the listener’s experience by providing you with a cultural context for the music and to give you a deeper understanding of the lyrics so you can grow as artists and teachers. The more we understand the mood, tone and purpose of the song, the better equipped we’ll be to convey this message to audiences and students alike.

What’s included in my purchase?

After you make the purchase of any song you will get download link for the song you have purchased, it’s ZIP file, when you extract it you will get 2 folders and one PDF file.

  • Franco video and translation file.
  • English video and translation file.
  • Lyrics file.